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Our Vision & Mission

To enable a CCG - Connected Cleaner & Greener – tomorrow where we could come up with safe, smart, intelligent and sustainable technological solutions to every arising problems.

Come up with safe, smart, intelligent and sustainable technological solutions.


Why Wioo Pikings


IoT, Robotics and automation requires proven expertise and a strong learning potential. We have a good team of multidisciplinary engineers who are skilled and experienced in research Design, testin and installing all types of systems.

Innovative Approaches

Wioo Piking create product after extensively researches & testing made on clients needs. Based on this approach, we derived innovative ideas targeting head-on solutions to any problem. The true sign of intelligence is imagination.

Exceptional Designs

Our products are specially crafted to ensure the efficiency while maintaining their aesthetic appeal. Highly skilled and efficient enginers ensure that each product is distinctively designed to serve its purposeuser-friendly.

Our Activities

  • STEM Education
  • Certified Courses
  • Internship
  • Workshops & Competition
  • Project Support


  • Oil Vending Machine
  • Aira-The Humanoid Robot
  • Uniboard-The Complete Solution For IoT
  • SCMS-Solar Panel Cleaning And Monitoring System

Get in touch with us

  • Phone : +91 8281633222 ,
  • E-mail : wioopikings@gmail.com
  • Location: Aarupurath building Kadavoor, bypass junction, Kollam, Kerala
  • Pin : 691601

Wioo Pikings in a brief


Wioo Piking is the dream come true project of group of fine professionals and a boon for a pool of budding professionals.Our work culture has been evolved with a mentor-meentee relation where anyone with a spark can plug-in with their ideas and collaborate with us.

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